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Podcasting 101: Why You Should Host a Podcast

This blog was originally written for my GVSU's PRSSA chapter in 2020, where I was our Podcast Director. To check out the podcast, find PR Hangover on Soundcloud or Apple podcasts.

This year, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be the Podcast Director for Grand Valley’s PRSSA chapter. Through our podcast, PR Hangover, I’ve had the chance to sit down face-to-face with public relations professionals and hear about their work, experience, and advice they have for young professionals. While hosting a podcast was entirely out of my comfort zone (and if I’m being honest, it wasn’t even on my radar at first), I am so grateful to have had this role- especially as I graduate and enter the professional world. 

Somedays, it feels like podcasts are taking over the world. For those who might be considering taking over my role as GV PRSSA’s podcast host, or if you’re considering hosting your own, here are five reasons that I would encourage you to begin your career as a podcast host!

It’s not as scary, time-consuming, expensive, etc. as you think.

The number one reason that I hadn’t given much consideration to being a podcast host was due to the fact that at the time I had no idea how. The world of podcasts seemed so lofty and unattainable- but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Starting a podcast is as simple as setting up a SoundCloud account, and with how high-quality phone microphones are, you may not even need to invest in a microphone (Even if you do want to invest in a professional microphone, those can cost as little as $40!). 

People love to tell stories about themselves.

I’ve always believed that human beings are wired to tell and listen to stories. When I first started podcasting, I was convinced that no busy professional would want to take the time out of their day to record a podcast episode with me. What I quickly learned was that the opposite was true- people were honored that I would ask them to be a guest on PR Hangover! People love sharing their stories, insights, and advice. And even if they decide not to, the worst that they can say is no. 

Network, network, network. 

If you’re a GV PRSSA member, you know that before or after meetings you have the opportunity to network with our guest speakers. As Podcast Director though, you have the unique opportunity to meet with them in advance, clearly expressing interest in their work and getting to sit down with them and talk about it. You’ve set yourself apart in an exciting and interesting way, which allows you to connect with them on another level and network your butt off. 

Build your public speaking skills. 

Let’s be honest, everyone dislikes hearing the sound of their own voice- and they hate the idea of public speaking even more. Hosting a podcast gives you the opportunity to hear your own speaking voice back over and learn what you can do better. For example, the way that I always used to say ‘um’ before I ask every question. 

It makes you more conversational as a person, a valuable professional skill.

As someone who’s naturally more introverted, making small-talk conversations is one of those soft skills that I never excelled at. Through podcast hosting, I’ve seen myself grow in confidence when it comes to asking guests about themselves and their work. 


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