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There's nothing I love more than a good public relations strategy or campaign plan. 

During my time working for Grand Valley State University's Alumni Association, I researched and crafted this strategic plan to continue building their social media presence.

For a public relations writing course, I conducted this thorough communications audit of all print and digital materials used by The Other Way Ministries in Grand Rapids. 

I'd like to thank Adobe InDesign YouTube tutorials and my Art 209 Professor.

During Create-a-thon, a 24-hour public relations marathon with GVSU's student run PR firm GrandPR, I worked with a team to help design this flyer for Ele's Place.

For a document design class, I worked with my friend Sheryl to create a fresh, updated brochure template for her salon, Tres Dorais Salon and Spa. 

Graphic Design

Just an Enneagram 5 who enjoys research far too much. 

In my first ever public relations course, I conducted this primary research for a client's service, QPR: Suicide Intervention.

As a lover of the Miss America Organization AND rebranding, I researched and wrote this case study to showcase where I think the organization struggled during their 'Miss America 2.0' rebrand in 2018.

For my senior Advertising and Public Relations capstone project, I lead a team in creating an integrated marketing communications campaign for Grand Valley State University's Career Center.


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